University research in the field of Human Sciences is closer at every step to society, providing crosswise solutions to various problems.

FAZ bridges the gap between university and society, so that it makes knowledge transfer possible, therefore linking university and industry.

Our wide experience as agents ourselves on the innovation field, grants FAZ with a privileged insight that allows us to give quick, innovative and precise answers to every client. FAZ holds alliances and networks and has developed its own methodologies, as well as tools for advanced consultancy.

All of this based on a large knowledge as professionals of the scientific field. We design innovation strategic proposals for different organizations, both public and private. We search for partners and funding and we manage and advise I&R projects in the field of Human Sciences both at the national and international level. We advise and teach for the development of spin offs and cultural grounded companies.

We organize workshops, seminars, conferences, and we provide contents for issues, exhibitions, web sites, etc., because FAZ knows the relevance and the wide possibilities of Humanities as a crosswise element for all kinds of organizations.