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From FAZ we promote tourism focused on experience, sustainability and culture grounded on our knowledge and seeking the interaction between the traveler and the host communities.

Cape Verde, Creole Experience

Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Cape Verde

Meet Cape Verde culture guided by Cape Verdean themselves. Live a real and close experience, cared in all its details by the FAZ team in Galicia and Cape Verde.

FazBox allows you to live and experience yourself the life of the city of Mindelo, in the São Vicente Island, in order to know the culture, the people, the music and Cape Verdean rhythm.

Mix holidays with training just customized for you: improve your Portuguese while you discover the rich Cape Verdean culture.

Besides easily improving your Portuguese, our local teachers will introduce you to the history and culture of Cape Verde in a simple and funny way, and you could even learn basic notions of Creole for making your experience more intense.

You will meet the most relevant authors in the fields of literature, arts, cinema and music.

What makes the FazBox different is the attention, the proximity to local communities and the direct knowledge. All the activities could be done with local people willing to tell you, first hand, the best stories and secrets of the mythic island.

FazBox offers you an alternative for sustainable tourism. Our product is developed by FAZ in collaboration with local cultural, social and higher education Cape Verdean organizations.


Duration 10 days

Traveling From Oporto on July, August and September

Groups 12 people max.

Accommodation 3 and 4 stars hotels, or typical Mindelo B&B

Highlights • Various activities hosted by locals and Portuguese language and Cape Verdean culture Summer Course. • Specialized local guides • Private transportation • Cooking workshops • Meetings with authors, filmmakers, musicians

Prizes From 585* € + flight *765 with summer course and Portuguese certificate (University of Santiago de Compostela and University of Cape Verde)

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Our vision

FazBox offers the experience of cultural immersion in Cape Verde. Our recommendation is to try to live it intensely and respectfully with the people living there. In this Decalogue we include a series of recommendations for you to enjoy the trip, to know the culture and the people and to avoid the negative impacts that tourism can bring to any destination:

1. Slow down to adapt to the rhythm and time of the place. Remember you are on holidays.

2. Explore the Cape Verdean gastronomy. Try to adapt to the menus they have to offer, and order, when you have a choice, products that are locally grown and consumed.

3. Cape Verde enjoys a wonderful weather, but the ugly side of it is an endemic drought. Be aware of it and minimize your water consumption.

4. Gentileza gera gentileza. Politeness produces politeness. This Brazilian proverb perfectly summarizes the common usages in the Portuguese speaking world. Acting with courtesy will make you enjoy the extreme politeness of local people.

5. Cape Verde is a well developed country in the African context, but with shortage of resources in some areas. Try to know and understand its reality.

6. It is likely that some of the material conditions will shock you in the first place. Try to see beyond them and enjoy the way of life that Cape Verdean society still keeps.

7. The key for a cultural immersion experience is to melt with local people. It is good to walk around a place you don’t know with some company, but try to avoid, when you have a choice, moving in a crowd. Groups of 2 our 3 people will be perfect.

8. Go to the places where you see local people rather than the places designed for tourists. You will have a better experience about real life in Cape Verde.

9. Cape Verdean society is bilingual. In our summer course you will learn Creole basic notions: try to put them in practice in order to show your knowledge and respect for the local reality.

10. Our summer course tries to offer all the keys for understanding Cape Verdean history and culture, but it is up to you to explore the rest by talking, asking and hanging around.