FAZ Cultura e Desenvolvimento is an strategic consulting company, qualified by the Galician Government as Technologically Grounded Enterprise, and made up by experts in Culture and Economy, which works on R&D+i projects for the Portuguese Speaking Countries.

FAZ wants to be a geographically strategic node for linking public and private agencies that participate in actions on culture, tourism and innovation between Portuguese Speaking Countries and the rest of Europe. It is innovation and research what make us different.

FAZ is a spin off of from the University of Santiago de Compostela. We are a pioneer company in our scientific area in the University of Santiago de Compostela.

People in FAZ believes that research in Human Sciences is vital for societies in ongoing changing and development: sustainability together with the enrichment provided by basic research in Humanities. That’s the reason why transferring knowledge from our scientific area, from University to society, is not only possible, but critical for social development.

In FAZ, we work with culture, we plan it and we treat it in its plasticity, seeking multidimensional impacts in the different spheres of socio-economic structure, in order to improve life quality.

FAZ uses culture as a catalyst for innovation proposals in the field of economy and social sciences for a more cohesive society in which innovation in Human Sciences turns to be crosswise and the basement for achieving sustainable and progressive social growth.

We have, therefore, a clear vision stimulating our knowledge and our working philosophy: seeking excellence in every project.